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The Noah’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry team has over 30 years of combined expertise in creating custom jewelry to help turn your jewelry inspiration into reality. Our 4 step custom design process is fully comprehensive and includes creating original and exceptional designs around your most cherished and important life events. We also specialize in replicating existing jewelry pieces, reviving family heirlooms or redesigning antique pieces to make them more current and modern. Our highly trained gemologists are here to guide you step by step through the custom process to help create the perfect piece that reflects your moment. 

4 Step Process

Step 1 - Consultation
The initial consultation is the first step to turn your creative ideal into reality. You will meet with one of our highly trained gemologist to discuss your ideas and expectations. If you have any references such as photos, drawings and websites, we encourage you to bring them with you to help guide your design process; and if you don't, that' ok, our experts will personally guide you. Once we have settled on a design, we will provide you with an estimate the will outline the cost and time frame. Once approved, a deposit is required to proceed to step 2.
Schedule an appointment to speak to our qualified gemologist and to receive a price quote based on your design.


Step 2 - Design

This is the step where our experienced artists take your ideas and bring them to life. After our initial consultation, we will begin creating a CAD (computer aided design) rendering of your jewelry for you to view. We allow for multiple revisions and renderings until we perfect your design and get your approval to move to step 3! Need inspiration? View our Gallery.​

Step 3 - Wax model/cad
After we have finalized your art-rendering, we will begin the manufacturing process by creating a wax model of your piece. This wax model is a 3-dimensional model of your ring that you can touch, see and feel from every angle; this will allow you to inspect the piece and make any additional changes or modifications before we cast your piece!
Step 4 - Manufacturing & Delivery

Once you have approve your wax, our master jewelers will begin to cast your design. Your piece is uniquely crafted and inspected to ensure that it upholds to Noah's Diamonds high standards. Once complete, your gemologist will contact you so set up final delivery, just in time for your special moment! 


All Noah's Diamonds custom jewelry will come with an appraisal, cleaning instructions and beautiful gift packing.

The market price changes daily for precious metals and precious stones (just like the Stock Market) for this reason, quotes are valid for 7 business days only. Because every jewelry piece is uniquely crafted for your moment. Payment plans are available. 

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